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If you should ever have questions before or after the purchase of any Howa Rifles, our Customer Service Representative will be more than happy to help you.
Howa consist of a rich history dedicated to continuing innovation and design to remain the leader in precision rifles and barreled actions.


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For parts, warranty or repair work for your Howa, please contact Legacy Sports at 775-828-0555 / TOLL FREE 1-800-5-LEGACY.

Howa rifles are manufactured by Howa Machinery, LTD in Japan.

No, Legacy Sports does not have a custom shop.

No, Howa does not produce a left-handed action.

Please do not sight-in and or group the rifle during the break-in procedure.

For the first ten shots we recommend using copper jacketed factory ammo. Clean the oil and powder residue out of the barrel before each shot using a commercial bore cleaner with an ammonia content. After firing each cartridge, use a good bore cleaner (one with ammonia) to remove fouling from the barrel using only a soaked patch. We do not recommend anything with an abrasive in it since you are trying to seal the barrel, not keep it agitated.

For the first ten rounds, clean and let the barrel cool between each round fired using a patch and rod only.

Following the initial ten shots, you then may shoot 2 rounds, cleaning between each pair of shots. This is simply insuring that the burnishing process has been completed. In theory, you are closing the pores of the barrel metal that have been opened and exposed due to the manufacturing process.

To keep the temperature cool in the barrel, wait at least 5 minutes between break-in shots. The barrel must remain cool during the break-in procedure. If the barrel is allowed to heat up during the break-in, it will impede the steel’s ability to develop a home registration point, or memory. It will have a tendency to make the barrel “walk” or “climb” when it heats up in the future. If you take a little time in the beginning and do it right, you will be much more pleased with the performance of  your barrel in the future.